Java drives in XS of a billion devices worldwide and still growing. Leading Open source initiatives have evolved cutting edge frameworks across domains and devices, be it Service Automation, Games on PC, Mobiles or Set-Top-Boxes.

JavaINXS is driven by people who have years of experience in Java based solutions across domains and devices. Our expertise in Open Source coupled with Open standards enables JavaINXS to deliver cutting edge solutions to our customers to meet their strategic Objectives. JavaINXS Solutions Offer unmatched business sense to our Customers. Agile Programming practices adopted by JavaINXS make it best in class to deliver solutions to customers on Time.

JavaINXS vast experience in developing Java-based solutions on:

  • J2SE, J2EE and J2ME development platforms
  • Web services
  • JNI
  • Open Source frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, MyFaces, Struts.
  • Swing
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